At the core of our mission is the belief that every person has the potential to be creative, to imagine, and to believe in themselves. We are dedicated to inspiring veterans to tap into their innate creativity and unlock their limitless potential. Using photography as a form of communication and expression, we believe they can create an alternative tool for personal growth and empowerment.


Through our work, we hope to create an atmosphere where veterans feel safe to pursue their passions, express themselves freely, and live fulfilling lives.


About Us

Journey to the Center of Hope® "A Non-profit Photography Organization" for Veterans

Journey to the Center of Hope® is a Photography company created to encourage art expression through your lens. We not only take photo’s, we take you on adventures to explore the beauty and to create your own story through your photography. We want to see the world through your eyes. Journey to the Center of Hope is dedicated to helping our community thrive, and we are honored to be a little part of encouraging others creativity, imagination, inspiration and hope.

Imagine what the world looks like through your eyes. Capture the beauty and details of objects, landscape, clouds, and buildings. Reach for the stars and stir your imagination through photography.